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Nochini started as a home-based juice startup, selling products at pop-up events. We very quickly started iterating on our cold-pressed juice to bring a bottled version to market. Within the first 4 months of starting, we started bottling our juices, registered the company and started supplying to the local cinema chain and gyms. Quality is the number one predictor for our long term success and we have never strayed from that belief. Now, we have Nepal’s first commercial cold-pressed juice that is ISO 9001 certified.

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Tsewang Sadutshang,

Co-Founder, Creative Head

Driven by integrity and design thinking. Sometimes putting pen on paper is all you need to do to start a revolution.

email: tsewang@no-chini.com

Sonam Shrestha,

Co-Founder, Strategy

Finding markets where no one is looking. Staying persistent when no one is believing.

email: sonam@no-chini.com

Dipesh Jung Pandey,

Chief Information Officer

Passionate technology opportunist with an eye to the future. Empowering business decision making with Information economics.

email: dipesh@no-chini.com

Manish Shah,

Operations Officer

If there is a problem, its meant to be solved.

email: hello@no-chini.com

Bishal Basnet,

Content and Marketing Officer

Life is made of stories we just need to find a way to tell them.

Pooja Shrestha,

Sales and Marketing Executive

Understanding the needs of the customer and delivering excellence.

email: sales@no-chini.com

Deepak (Avhi) Aryal,
IT Intern

Finding order in chaos to make life easier for others.


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About Nochini

Nochini is Nepal’s first cold-pressed juice company. We are trendsetters for healthy living in Nepal and we do so by making healthy foods more accessible to the Nepali community. We have a line of eight cold-pressed beverages made of a mixture of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and superfoods depending on the flavor. 

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