Fruits for your Furry friends

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

When we talk about healthy and tasty treats, our first thought surely is vibrant colored fruits which are packed with abundant minerals, fibers and vitamins. It is normal for us to want to spoil our furry friends by sharing our favorite fruits and snacks because who can resist those puppy-eyes and say no? However, a lot of food we eat are perfectly safe for dogs to consume as well, but some healthy snacks that are good for your body may not be fit for your fluffy friend. The digestive system in dogs function differently from ours, and having the wrong diet can lead to long term health problems. So, it is very important for us to be careful about what we feed them.

Let's start with what is good for our loyal friends.

1. A very crunchy and healthy fruit, the apple. Yes, the fruit which helped Newton find gravity, and Steve Jobs establish his name, is not only good for humans but also a great source of Vitamin A, C and fibers for your dogs. Having said that, don’t forget to remove the core and seeds before giving them this healthy treat.

2. Freshly cut peaches and pears will not do any harm either. Peaches which contain fibers and vitamin A that help your dogs fight infections. Pears are packed with vitamin C and K, which are said to reduce the risks of stroke by up to 50%. But be sure to remove the seeds as they contain cyanide, an extremely toxic compound.

3. Moving on to everyone’s favorite tropical fruits, mangoes and pineapples. These sweet summer treats have different vitamins and fibers to help your furry friend fight various health problems. But then again, these are extremely sweet fruits, so it is better for them to be an occasional treat.

4. Bananas! This fruit is a great low-calorie treat that is high on potassium, vitamins, biotin and fiber which combine help to keep the heart and kidney of your furbaby strong. But, as it is high on sugar content it is better to give this as an occasional snack not as a main diet. Try coating it with a fraction of a teaspoon of creamy peanut butter (without sugar!) and give your dog an extra treat!

5. Strawberries, yes you can enjoy this tasty fruit with your dogs which contain vitamin C, fiber and also enzymes which help to whiten their teeth. So say Strawberries!

6. Watermelons, which are full of vitamin A, B-6 and C, are also an amazing summer treat for your dog. They help your pupper stay hydrated because the fruit is 92% water!

Now comes the part we as dog owners should be aware of; fruits that dogs should be kept away from. Yes, there are many healthy snacks that can be shared with our lovely friends but vets strictly say that grapes and avocado should not be fed to your dogs.

Grapes and raisins are highly toxic for your dogs. This fruit can cause severe kidney damage leading to anuria, lack of urine production(Animal Poison Control Centre, 2016). Even if your dog accidentally consumes either raisin or grapes, you are advised to immediately contact your vet.

Avocados, which are said to be the best source of good fat for humans, are extremely harmful for dogs due to the presence of a substance called persin, a fungicidal toxin which can cause vomiting and diarrhea in dogs. Even though a study showed that some dogs are resistant to persin, it is better to keep this fruit away from them.

Dogs are selfless animals who constantly make us smile and help cope with difficulties. As H.G Bissinger said, “Actually, I think my dog is the only one who consistently loves me all the time.” So we can at least return the happiness they gave us by taking care of their health and diet right?


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