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Grass Fed Ghee


This Ghee is made from the milk of free range organic pastured cows raised in hilly parts of Nepal. This ghee is clarified using traditional method of ayurveda and is free from lactose and casein. Commercial conventional ghee is made out of the butter that is extracted after pasteurization of milk. This deteriorates the quality of ghee. Unlike conventional method this ghee is made from the butter which is extracted from curd. Raw milk naturally turns into curd enriched with probiotics that enhances the quality of fat present in milk. Process of pasteurization destroys all microbes in milk so that health benefits vanishes. Our grass fed ghee has a distinct yellow color and pleasant aroma. No salt, sugar or preservatives have been added. Ghee is solid and shelf stable below 26oC but during summer it is recommended to refrigerate if not kept in air tight container.






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