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Wild Cliff Raw Honey


Wild cliff honey has been collected as part of the tradition by the endemic people of Nepalese mountains since time immemorial. Giant bees in the foot hills of Himalayas mainly collect pollens from rhododendron flowers to make honey. They built huge nest on the cliffs ranging up to 5 feets in diameter. This honey has a hallucinogenic effect because of grayanotoxin, a toxin found in the pollen of rhododendron flowers. Villagers have a strong belief in this honey being a powerful tonic that enhances overall vitality and libido. This honey is also know as mad honey because of its psychoactive properties.


In studies, raw cliff honey has been found to have incredible amount of enzymes, minerals, and antioxidants. Traditionally it has been used, along with other herbs, to treat viral infections and common cold. Unlike normal honey, it has distinct aroma and complex deep sweet flavor.







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