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Coco Berry Kisses

A healthy blend of coconut, blueberries and cranberries for a wholesome meal!


Choco Almonds

Fun flavor if you love chocolate! So delicious with milk. Yum!


Simply Original

Has all the goodness of oats, nuts, seeds, honey and cinnamon!


Wake&Bake represents a healthier tomorrow for all. For every packet of granola purchased, we invest  a fraction of the profit to distribute iron rich food supplies to marginalized communities in rural Nepal to help fight anemia, one of the biggest public health problems in Nepal. Anemia rates are high especially amongst children, menstruating individuals as well as menopausal and postpartum people. 

Making healthy- fun and flavorful! Nochini and Pad2Go have joined hands to bring to you carefully crafted Granola filled with nutrients and flavours. Perfect for all people to enjoy on the go or as an easy breakfast option, our granola can be eaten at any time for a nutritious and tasty bite!


We have crafted a variety of flavors, to soothe all pallets-plain, dark chocolate, and tropical.  Each flavor is packed with natural ingredients  and a variety of tree nuts to keep you energized through the day!

Our Granolas are also iron fortifying and highly suitable for menstruating or pregnant individuals to help boost iron intake. 

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